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Pediatric acupuncture is different than when adults receive it.  It is faster and more fluid.  Depending on the age and disposition of the child, if needles are used at all, they will be left in for a much shorter amount of time.  There is time for check in and updates during the beginning of our appointment time.  I will take your child’s pulse, look at their tongue and get input from you as far as how you feel treatment is going both in the office and at home.  Questions will be answered and challenges can be discussed.  From that information, our treatment plan is modified to continue to address what is going on. 

What You can Expect at Your Child’s First Acupuncture Visit

Wondering what to expect in your child’s first acupuncture visit at Little Owl Medicine? Treatment is similar to your adult visits, except needles are often not used. We feel your child’s pulses, look at their tongue and talk about issues. We’ll start by treating the biggest problem or concern that comes up in discussion. As those issues clear up, we’ll move on to treat others. Our first conversations will be educational as well. We’ll teach you, the parent or caregiver, one or more massage techniques used during treatment. Then, you can do these at home until the next acupuncture treatment. We’ll also discuss how nutritional changes and ways to handle various illnesses or problems. 

At Little Owl Medicine, we strive for open communication and clear expectations. We want you to know what to expect in your child’s treatment, what to do at home, and how we are progressing with our plan of care. 

We also involve parents in all aspects of your child’s treatments and provide age-appropriate privacy for your older children. We believe that collaborating with health care providers from other modalities helps us best serve your child and your family. Please ask questions about any part of our treatment plan or any concerns about your child’s conditions.

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