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When your child is struggling with a digestive issue whether it is constipation, vomiting, stomach pain, ulcerative colitis, delayed digestion, food and texture sensitivities or loose stools, it is easy to feel helpless. 


Little Owl Medicine can help.  Your child's digestive health is key to many faucets of growth and development and we know how to make it right.

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Asian Medicine has long believed that the state of digestion is the most important part of health, especially in children.  We use time tested techniques that both find and treat the root cause.  By doing this, we awaken your child's natural healing ability that is inherent in them and often brushed aside or not recognized by Western Medicine. 

At Little Owl Medicine, we keep treatment simple.  Often, with simple, targeted lifestyle and dietary changes blended with pediatric acupuncture techniques and individual herbal formulas, major improvements and healing can happen. As a result, everyone is healthier and happier

Your child's body is not broken. It is possible to heal and reset what is off track. The body does not forget how to heal itself, it just needs the proper support and structure. 
We can give it that. 

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