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This 21-day program is designed to help you gain energy, improve sleep quality, decrease inflammation, clear brain fog & decrease pain. 

During this cleanse we clean up and clean out!  We will start with a simple 3 day reboot that jump starts both cleansing and healing the gut.  The key components of this cleanse are to maximize nutrition, rest your digestion and work on rebalancing and rebuilding your gut microbiome. The program is 21 days, but the reality is, many of us feel so good when it is over, you want to integrate parts of it into your daily life! 


Feel Better, Build New Habits and Reset Your Body!


One of the things that I love about this cleanse is that it is easily transferable to “real life”. Maintaining the probiotic and nutrient supplements and keeping the food elements that you like will help to make this the first cleanse that you ever wanted to integrate into your life.


Our gut is not only responsible for digesting and assimilating our food (both the “good” food and the “bad” food) but it also directly influences our thoughts, moods and behaviors. The gut and the brain have a bidirectional line of communication. Loop in the hormonal pathways and we have a complex and amazing system.


The products used for this cleanse contain a broad range of targeted prebiotics, probiotics, phytobiotics and postbiotics.  These beneficial bacteria work to not only repopulate and “crowd out” the bad bacteria and reset the offline systems but also to help to reestablish the correct hormonal signaling and neurotransmitter communication.  Doing this helps with gut health (obviously!) but what that means for you is: better mood, improved sleep, decrease in inflammation, improved digestion, improved stress resiliency, hormone balancing and decreased pain.

What you get:

  • Education in bite size pieces, easily accessible with weekly modules

  • Research to support the science behind why working from the ground floor up is so important

  • Recipes to help you make the most of these 3 weeks

  • Group support (Access to a private Facebook group). This is helpful in encouraging you to stick with the program and gives everyone a place to share ideas, struggles and stories about how things are going.

  • One on one support as needed.

  • Fun, resources and community!


This is all free to you except for the purchase of the probiotics!  Here is the link for purchase and the link to join the Facebook group. 

Link for probiotic purchase:

Link for Facebook group.  Please request to join here:

Please email or call me ( or 503–312-4223) with any questions!  I am excited to be doing this again as I have seen such great results both personally and with other past participants! 

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