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Anxiety in Children.
You do not need to do this alone
We can help. 
Watching your child deal with anxiety or depression is heart wrenching.
Anxiety disorders in children are on the rise.  According to the 2015 Child Mind Institute Children’s Mental Health Report., 80% of children diagnosed with anxiety are not getting treatment.
Childhood anxiety is treatable.
Pediatric acupuncture can help treat anxiety in kids
Chinese medicine is rooted in thousands of years of empirical research and refinement of treatment strategies.   Therefore, we have the ability to personalize every treatment to your child's specific needs. At Little Owl Medicine we combine pediatric acupuncture and relevant herbs or supplements with current therapies that you may be utilizing.  Anxiety in children is a complex disorder and needs an integrative approach to truly help your child thrive, not just survive.  
Pediatric acupuncture uses time tested techniques that both find and treat the root cause. By doing this, we awaken your child's natural healing ability that is inherent in them. 
At Little Owl Medicine, we keep treatment simple.  Often, with pediatric acupuncture combined with simple, targeted lifestyle and dietary changes major improvements and healing can happen.  As a result everyone is healthier and happier. 
Your child is not broken. 
It is possible to heal and reset what is off track. 
The body does not forget how to heal and maintain itself, it just needs the proper support and structure. 

Little Owl Medicine help you and your loved ones. 

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