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Pediatric Acupuncture.  Natural Healing.  Sleep.  
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It is exhausting when everyone is exhausted. 

Grumpy. Short tempered. Difficulty with concentration. Behavioral and emotional dysregulation. Clingy.  New baby sleep difficulties.  These are only a few of the many problems that come from too little or poor sleep.
Poor sleep quality, restless sleep, pediatric insomnia, sleep anxiety, nightmares... the list goes on.  These are very real problems and Little Owl Medicine can help. 
Pediatric Acupuncture helps to calm and reset the nervous system which not only extends sleep cycles but allows for deeper sleep and an easier time falling back to sleep.
It helps to release endorphins which allow for a relaxed, feel good feeling that we all can appreciate.
It uses methods supported by research studies as well as thousands of years of refined treatment protocols.  

At Little Owl Medicine, we keep treatment simple. 


With simple, targeted lifestyle and dietary changes blended with pediatric acupuncture techniques and individual herbal formulas, major improvements and healing can happen.


As a result, everyone is healthier and happier

Your child's body is not broken

It is possible to heal and reset what is off track.

The body does not forget how to heal itself, it just needs the proper support and structure. 

Let us help you.  

Call now for your free 20 minute consult.


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