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lifewave patches on child
Here is a great video to visualize how the patches work. 

What are Lightwave patches?


Lightwave patches use the power of light therapy at specific acupuncture points to restore balance in the body and resolve symptoms naturally.


They have a similar therapeutic effect as needle acupuncture, but without any needles and it can be done at home. This therapy can provide a stand alone treatment to adults and children when you cannot come to the clinic or they are useful to continue after treatment effects.


This is a safe, effective, non-transdermal technique of stimulating acupuncture points to help you and your child feel better!


Lifewave patches combine modern technology using phototherapy (low-level light therapy) with ancient wisdom (using acupuncture points). 


The patches are placed on acupuncture points to elicit specific biological responses - without putting any chemicals or substances into the body. This technology, initially developed for the military, simply initiates the body's innate healing mechanisms.  The light from your body is used as a carrier to send signals from the crystalline structures in the patch to the body. These signals, wavelengths of light, induce biochemical changes. Different patches send different signals and induce different biochemical and physiological changes in the body, very similar to how your skin reacts to the sun's rays and converts it to Vitamin D. 

Lifewave patches are different from using lasers or actual powered light sources- these have one wavelength and are very very strong wattage compared to what is produced by the body. 

The light emitted by your body has your own signature wavelengths that cannot be replicated. Lifewave patches reflect these signature wavelengths with the same wattage produced by your body- so this is instantly recognizable and usable.  This is why the patches are so gentle and yet so effective.

Phototherapy Has Been Around for Over 100 Years

Phototherapy is very well researched and the benefits are numerous. Low level light therapy is very safe and will not cause any damage to the skin - in fact it does just the opposite!

There are over 70 studies measuring the physiological improvements that Lifewave patches activate. Reductions in pain, swelling, and inflammation, boosting immunity, improving digestion, helping energy, improving sleep quality, managing stress, decreasing wound healing time, improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles are some of the things that the Lifewave patches can assist with. The results are consistent with what is seen with acupuncture and phototherapy devices, but now it is available for use at home!  Check out the science here


Using Lightwave patches for Acute Issues & Minor Injuries

Lifewave patches can help to resolve acute conditions like earache, fever, headaches, bumps, and bruises. The patches are activated by the body's infrared heat and light and can work over clothing.


This means it should hold a valuable place in your first aid kit. You can put a patch over bandaids, bandages, and even casts.  They can be used in in the middle of the night or in times of need when managing symptoms at home.


Lifewave patches are for chronic issues, too!

Millions of children suffer from chronic contemporary childhood conditions like asthma, allergies, ear infections, anxiety, digestive issues, or eczema (to name only a few).  Millions of adults fall into this category as well.

Not totally sick and not totally well either.

Life becomes a daily struggle when these things are a part of our life and often impacts the whole family.


Unfortunately, there is often not much Western medicine can do beyond managing the symptoms and that leaves parents and individuals unsupported, frustrated, and overwhelmed, grasping for answers.  This leads to a viscous cycle of medicine, frustration, and eventually depression, hopelessness and reliance on a system that is unable to fully help heal.


These patches can be used in addition to any therapies (contemporary or alternative) you're already using and see results!

With these new uncharted times, it is nice to know that we have options and a way to provide acupuncture treatments and support in various ways. Contact us for a treatment plan that incorporates the appropriate Lifewave patches into your life! 

Questions?  Contact me for more information and an individual treatment plan
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