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SUMMER SSP July through August

If your children are leaving the school year feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, overstimulated, depressed and anxious, this is a cue to us from their nervous system that it is out of the safe and connected zone known as the Ventral Vagal parasympathetic state. The Safe and Sound Program can help maximize that summer safe zone and get them back on track!

Little Owl Medicine | Family Acupuncture for Health & Healing  

Little Owl Medicine in Portland, Oregon provides acupuncture for your whole family. We love kids; we love their families. So, we want to make sure you are all healthy, happy and supported. Acupuncture helps prevent illness in both adults and children, as well as treat chronic and acute illnesses. Acupuncture keeps us healthy and happy – and keeps health care costs down. Our goal is to provide children with physical, mental, emotional and social support by providing integrative health care. Well-balanced, thorough health care comes from many sources, rather than a single discipline. At Little Owl, we enjoy collaborating with other practitioners to provide that care.

Lets get started!  503-312-4223


Herbal Remedies

Contact us for an herbal Telehealth consult. We welcome questions regarding Chinese herbal formulas supplements and home remedies. 


Join our private Facebook group to learn about Western herbs with us!

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