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Co-Hosted by: Portland Pediatric Acupuncture and Little Owl Medicine
Due to the Coronovirus, Full Moon Kids Clinic is on hold.  This is done in the best interest of our patients and families.  We look forward to serving you again!  To make an appointment with either office, please call the numbers below.

4003 NE Grand Avenue, Portland , OR 97212

1703 SW Clay Street, Portland, OR 97214

 Little Owl Medicine  
EASTSIDE LOCATION  •  1724 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland , OR 97213 • 503-312-4223

Portland Pediatric Acupuncture  •
WESTSIDE LOCATION  •  1703 SW CLAY STREET, Portland, OR 97214 •   971-337-7387

A monthly clinic just for kids! 

Needle free treatments that improve immunity, sleep and digestion.
1st child $25/ 2nd child $15/ Family max at $40 regardless of number of children.

This is a drop in clinic but as a courtesy to other families and their time, please call for a scheduled time if you are bringing more than two children.

Thank you!!  

Shonishin is one of my favorite things to do when treating children.  They love it! My own kids beg me for it.  It not only makes them feel good but it works!  Shonishin translates as "little needle".  It was developed in Japan 2000 years ago, adapted from the Chinese Acupuncture theories. 


In Japan, preventative care for children is utilized by having Shonishin Clinics for children once a month.  These clinics are held on the week of the full moon and are called Full Moon Kids Clinics.  We are excited to bring this model of preventative care to you!  Little Owl Medicine and Portland Pediatric Acupuncture are joining forces to bring you an amazingly helpful and wonderfully fun drop in clinic every month.  To maximize our ability to reach more families we are alternating clinic sites each month. 

Prices are $25 for the 1st child/ $15 for the second child/$40 max per family regardless of number of children.


These clinics are set up as drop in.  We look forward to seeing you anytime between 11:00am - 2:00pm.  We are choosing a drop in clinic model to allow families flexibility in timing.  However, as a courtesy to other families also attending the clinic, if you are bringing more than two children, please call ahead to for a scheduled time.  Our clinics are kid friendly and we love to share these spaces with the community as well as giving families a chance to meet each other.  


During this clinic your child (or children) will receive a Shonishin treatment for overall health and wellness. Treatments generally take about 25 minutes.  Receiving twelve of these treatments a year can help to increase immunity (fewer sick days!), support digestive health, promote restful sleep and support emotional health.  When treatment is consistent, problems that may arise along the way are seen and treatment can be adjusted for those issues.  If a bigger issue has come up in between the treatments, a discussion can be had about scheduling treatments to address that particular problem. 


We are excited to be able to offer this model of preventative care to our families and cannot wait to see you there. Please contact us with any questions and feel free to pass this information on to friends and family!


Little Owl Medicine:  call: 503-312-4223 or email at:

Portland Pediatric Acupuncture:  call: 971-337-7387 or email at:

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