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Point and Herb of the week: Zu San Li and Huang Qi

Acupuncture Point of the week: ST 36, Zu San Li, Leg Three Miles The meaning behind this point is meant to imply that if you are exhausted and this point is needled, you can still travel for three more miles. It is located on the lateral side of the knee, just below the tibial tuberosity. That means, just below the knee, outer edge of the leg/calf and below the bump of where the tibia meets the knee joint. This is one of the most important points in the body and has multiple functions. It is located on the Yang Ming channel which is rich in Qi and blood and so this point not only moves both Qi and Blood, but it nourishes, builds and tonifies it as well. Zu San Li harmonizes the stomach, aids digestion, clears excess heat, calms the spirit and alleviates pain. In plain English, what this means is that this point is an excellent point for just about everything. It is a stand alone point, yet also helps to round out and aid the function of other points that it is paired with. It is great for treating pain, increasing white blood cell count, building the immune system, aiding digestion, insomnia, depression, mania, knee problems both in pain and function, mastitis, edema, cough and asthma.... the list goes on and on. This point is often in every treatment. It is a cornerstone point and is special in many ways.

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